Earlier in the year I started a project on Instagram I called #WhereIAteWednesday. The project came about after I realized that for someone who works in food in Ottawa I didn’t really know as much as I’d like about restaurants in Ottawa.¬†Fortunately I found a willing dining companion in Charlotte¬†and we set out to find the best places in the city to have Wednesday lunch.

Our first stop on these Wednesday adventures is a tried and true favourite of mine, Ola Cocina Original. I became a huge fan of Donna’s cooking when she was running the Ola Cocina in Hintonburg and now that she’s no longer there I’ve been making the trip to Vanier. Ola serves my favourite tacos in the city, along with a great atmosphere and super friendly staff. It always feels like home in there. Home with octopus tacos. What more could you ask for?

My standard Ola order is three tacos – always the Polpo (octopus) and the Tuna and then the third is the wild card. The Al Pastor, Cochinita Pibil (pulled pork), Pork Belly. Chorizo and Calamari have all graced my plate at one time or another. I usually skip the chips and guacamole to start, unless my companion really wants it, though the house-made chips are excellent. I also skip the beans and rice accompaniments to the tacos, though I hear they are wonderful. All this restraint is for a reason – a delicious, deep fried, sugar coated reason – the churros. The churros come with dulce de leche dipping sauce and are a must.

Where: Ola Cocina Original, 62 Barrette St., Vanier. Open for lunch and dinner Tues-Friday and Brunch on weekends
What: Tacos, Tacos, Tacos!