I used to pass by Meat Press on my way to morning yoga class but at the time I was following a vegan diet so I never did stop in. Now, back to my omnivore ways, I put this Hintonburg spot high on the list for Wednesday lunches. Walking in the door I was a pleasantly surprised to see the bright, airy dining space, with white-washed and weathered wood and vintage touches. It was a lovely, warm spot on a cold day.

There was a short list of sandwich options on the board, along with a side kale salad. I was glad to have overheard the order of the guys ahead of me, which led me to notice the “small” sandwich option. I opted for the porchetta sandwich and kale salad, I mentioned to our server that I’d been thinking of trying to make porchetta at home. We had a lovely conversation during which he kindly assured me that I could totally do it, without much difficulty, and then he walked me through about 37 steps and a complicated tying technique. Yeah, I think I’ll let Meat Press make my porchetta.

That sandwich was incredible. It was totally rich and flavourful and oil dripped down my wrists and I loved every bite. The bright, acidy dressing on the kale salad cut the richness of the sandwich just perfectly. My dining companion had the pulled pork sandwich which, my all accounts was equally amazing. In fact, I loved my Meat Press lunch so much I MAY have gone back again later that same week. I won’t confirm or deny but I will say that the meatloaf sandwich is also really great. The porchetta has my heart though.

Where: Meat Press, 45 Armstrong Rd., Hintonburg
What: Meaty sandwiches at lunch & ever-changing refined Quebec comfort food in the evening (also take-away charcuterie)