As someone who has been an on again-off again vegan and vegetarian, I can hardly┬ábelieve that I haven’t eaten at Pure Kitchen before now. I’m SO glad I finally got there though. Such a bright, white space with a definite good vibe. I had a really hard time choosing from the menu but in the end, the words “crispy onions” had me gravitating towards the Picnic salad. Both my dining companion and our server enthusiastically recommended the dumplings so of course I added them. I was not disappointed. The food was amazing. Fresh, light and so filling (in fact, I could have easily been satisfied with the smaller size salad). I had a little lunch FOMO looking at my friend’s burger and poutine though so another visit is in order ASAP. Plus, I will make sure to grab some of their amazing juice on my way out the door.

Where: Pure Kitchen, 357 Richmond Rd. Westboro
What: Vegetarian and vegan