I often tell my clients and prospective clients that if they are going to use sponsored posts on Facebook and Instagram, it makes sense to invest in professional photography for them. If you’re spending money to put more eyes on your post, it makes sense to make that photo as eye-catching and engaging as possible to make the most out of the expanded audience.

I don’t know if The Soca Kitchen followed this strategy with their social media marketing but the photography on their Facebook ads got them noticed by these photographers. So much so that we immediately put the restaurant on our list of lunch destinations. The Soca Kitchen is in a neighbourhood I frequent – just off Wellington West on Holland St. – but it wasn’t on my radar at all, which was too bad for me. The Soca Kitchen is run by a husband and wife team – she’s the chef, he’s FOH – that serves up a Spanish, Latin American fusion menu. For our lunch that meant tuna ceviche and a charcuterie and cheese board featuring some beautiful Iberico ham. It was so tasty!

I think this is my favourite way to eat. Give me some crackers or toast points and stuff to spread on them/pile high on them and I am a happy girl. Add in some perfectly tender ceviche and it’s pretty much over the top. I love those meals where you keep looking across the table at each other to say “This is SO good”. It really was.

Where: The Soca Kitchen, 93 Holland Ave, just north of Wellington
What: Spanish, Latin American